Seasonal food home grown at Green Cow Farm. Which flavor bagel do you feel like eating today?  We have up to 25 varieties. Juicy whole beef organic burgers--THE BEST! Fire up those taste buds?  You betcha! Bread fresh out of the oven every morning.

Come on in--we've saved you a seat. 来吧!

Hungry for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Need a place to relax during afternoon tea? Mrs. Shanen's cafe serves wholesome foods that are seasonally grown straight from our organic Green Cow Farm to your plate. Love to see you soon!


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Hours & Location

#5 Kaifaijie, Xibaixin Village
Shunyi, Beijing 101300
Phone #s:

Mon-Sun: 8AM – 7PM

About Us

Great tasting food relies on good cooking techniques AND fresh raw ingredients. Right near our cafe and bakery is our very own organic farm. This is where the fresh milk, cream, cheese, butter, vegetables, and meats come from so that what you are tasting is the very best.

Want to be a part of our bounteous harvest? Green Cow Farms runs a Community Supported Association (CSA), where seasonal organic vegetables are delivered to your door every week.